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Welcome to Cook Like A. Champion TV Series

Thank you for the opportunity to share my vision and dream with you. My name is Chef Ace Champion, and I am the host of the hit TV series Cook Like A. Champion, as well as owner and executive producer of Champions Production which produces the show, now in its fifth season.

This is a cooking show like no other. My style is so diverse it offers something for all food lovers. What separates Cook Like A. Champion from other TV cooking shows is my signature “Infusion Style of Cooking”, combining cultures and flavors from all over the world. Where other TV chefs may focus on only one particular cooking style, our show is a unique blend of different and distinct cooking specialties. It’s as if I am in the process of creating my own cuisine, in that regard, which is so much fun! On Cook Like A. Champion, viewers and guests learn how to grill, pan-sear, bake, make cocktails, serve up sushi, hone their knife skills and much more! This type of variety is rare in the TV culinary industry, and the viewership is broad, which means we are reaching a market never tapped into before. 

Bringing over 20 years of culinary experience to the screen, my vision is to teach people how to cook for themselves, and to eat and live healthier. Audiences receive a generous dose of inspiration and motivation to go along with my cooking instruction. I’ve made it a priority to educate myself, so in return I can educate others. My techniques have been crafted within a top-grade culinary school as well as in the restaurant scene, live in-store demos and private parties earning such titles as executive chef, certified meat cutter, and even visionary motivational speaker. I recently authored the books 8 Steps to your Perfect Meal and Cook Like A. Champion: Infusion Cooking with Ace, mixing the often-overlooked emotional and subconscious aspects of food preparation with the nuts and bolts of practical tips, giving readers all the tools they need to create excellence in the kitchen!

The world is hungry for what I have to offer. Cook Like A. Champion currently airs on over

100 broadcast channels in the United States and is available on over 100 online platforms in 65 countries. My vision-in-progress is growing beyond the USA, and becoming a household name globally, knowing my work is making a positive difference. I would love for your company to take this journey with us, and show the world that “you too can cook like a champion”.

We hope you consider us,                                                                           

Chef Ace Champion 


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